Arizona Bird Committee

Documenting Arizona's Birds

History of the ABC

The Arizona Bird Committee was organized by Steven M. Speich in 1972, with the original members being Russell P. Balda, Bill Harrison, Gale Monson, Stephen M. Russell, Steven M. Speich, and Robert A. Witzeman. The first ABC Report published in 1972 (Western Birds 4:53-57, 1973), was co-authored by Steven Speich and Theodore A. Parker III.

Through the 1980s, as original members retired from the
committee, new members were elected; these included Doug Danforth, Kenn Kaufman, G. Scott Mills, Gary H. Rosenberg, Will Russell, David Stejskal, Scott B. Terrill, and Carl Tomoff.

In 1986, the number of members was raised from six to eight. In 1996, term limits were adopted, with members rotating off for a minimum of one year. New members are nominated and elected for a four-year term by the existing committee at its
annual meeting.

New members elected in 1996 were Chris Benesh, Troy Corman, Roy Jones, Dave Krueper, and Chuck LaRue.

From 1996 to present: Members

Janet Witzeman has served as secretary of the ABC since 1973 and continues to serve as assistant secretary! Gary H. Rosenberg was elected secretary in 1996 and continues to serve in that position.

View the First Checklist Published by the ABC. This checklist was produced in 1972 and included 485 total species.